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QRS-Kamui: Cute You
No. 5 is the request from Kiichi-san!
It's a bit late to say this, but my updates are not
schedule and rather randomised, so whenever I
update your request, I will come to personally
private message you of notice!
(Of course, this only applies to Ameba blog users ;_; )
I'm sorry to all those who I have not notified before (TωT)
And back to the main part.
So this time round, there were 2 Kamui requests♪
First one will be this one here, a very cute Kamui, enjoy^^!
Cute You
"Captain Kamui!!"
The captain's room of the Harusame's 7th division is where I sit dazedly in my chair until the door to that room suddenly bangs right open.
And at the same time, the cute one comes springing into the room.
The angry look on her face as she pouts at me is just too cute, that it makes my lips curve upwards against m
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 22 4
runway by Gumdeong runway :icongumdeong:Gumdeong 14 1 Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch by Kanekiru Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch :iconkanekiru:Kanekiru 1,872 71 Rhael [Commission] by Jyundee Rhael [Commission] :iconjyundee:Jyundee 188 7 One with the Sea by Jyundee One with the Sea :iconjyundee:Jyundee 305 11 Final Boss Sans - Undertale [Human Version] by serafleur Final Boss Sans - Undertale [Human Version] :iconserafleur:serafleur 5,264 354
Gintoki: Happy Birthday
I like Sougo, but recently I'm starting to fall for Gin-san more<3
I wonder if others are celebrating him by being celebrated by Kagura and Shinpachi??
I want to know! I wanna read other Gin-san birthday fan-fics to find out! <3
Well today is the main character's birthday so it's very special, don't you think?♪
So today's fan-fic has a preview picture of Gin-san's Birthday banner<3
(of a club I joined).
This story is about Gin-chan's girlfriend who is living in the Yorozuya household right now.
Her name will not be revealed, lol.
It definitely sucks, but here it is:
Happy Birthday
10th October.
Today is Gin-san's birthday.
As his girlfriend, I really am trying...
BOOM!! make a birthday cake.
"This is bad. This is really bad!"
What displays out right in f
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 17 2
Takasugi: I wanted to meet...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Takasugi о(ж>▽<)y ☆! Today is Shin-chan's birthday!
And this time's request was on Takasugi, nice timing! ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
(#3 Request by Yuulei-sama)
The person I wanted to meet
"Ah-, what a nice weather."
Widely spread green environment and the chirping birds...
The great, azure blue sky so high...
I love this peaceful view of the countryside.
When I look up at this great blue sky, it always reminds me of that person
That person who had left to go his own way after everybody separated...
...I wonder how everybody is doing right now.

Those are the thoughts that I ponder while line my washing.
We used to come here and play a lot.
With Gin-chan, Kotarou-k
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 16 2
QRS-Okita: I Love You
The fourth quote request is from Cye-san! (The one who translates my FFs and comments!)
Another sweet quote from Sougo! Enjoy!!
I Love You
"I love you"
He whispers right beside my ear.
As our eyes lock upon each other, his gaze softens.
The perfected featured, handsome face comes closer and closer and...
"You look extremely happy, don't you?"
Within the soft, blurred vision of a scenario taping at the back of my mind, a clear voice of the real thing disrupts it.
And that clear voice belongs to exactly the person I had been dreaming of to be kissing.
"It's morning."
When I open my eyes open and wake up my conscious, I find him leaning right above me with such a close distance between us.
And him I refer Sougo.
"Holy!!! W-what are you doing so early in the morning??"
"Oh, I couldn't help it, could I? Since y
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 16 1
QRS-Okita: Don't Let Go
The 7th request is by Monaco-san
My tests have finally ended and I have returned~!
So sorry for the lateness (TωT)
A sweet sweet Sougo and a girl working at the headquarters^^
Don't Let Go
~At the headquarters~
I had been sitting on the porch to catch a time to rest when I had unintentionally dozed off.
"Slacking, are we?"
The arms that suddenly wrap around my neck from behind and the murmur right beside my ear, is more than enough to make me become wide awake.
"Wha-what're you...O-Okita-san!?"
To make describe it simply, we are in the state of him hugging me from behind and I feel my face becoming hotter.
I am working at the headquarters as a maid-worker and Okita-san would frequently do these kinds of things as he pleases without a warning.
He's just the sadist who loves troubling me and it really bites at me.
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 12 2
QRS-Okita: Stolen Lips
The second request is by dream-san!
This time round is Sougo-kun and a stubborn OC girl.
Enjoy the sweet quote♪
Stolen lips
Right now, we're having Physical Education...
...and that moron Sougo isn't around.
On one half of the gym hall, the girls are doing volley ball.
On the other half, the guys are doing basket ball.
During the game, I keep looking around to find him, but that moron is nowhere to be seen.
That moron is bunking again!
...Probably taking a nap somewhere.
Tae-chan suddenly stares into my face when I had been thinking such thoughts.
"Oh, are you trying to find him again? Oh you sure are in love~"
"! You're wrong!"
I feel my face grow hot as she chuckles at me.
It's not like that it bothers me...!
I was just... exasperated at his disappearance!

I glare at Tae-chan who chuckles at me in mockery.
But I
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 20 1
QRS-Hijikata: The Reason I Chased After You
No.6 of "Quotes Requests" is from Chibi-san!
An unexpected test had come up and test revision had killed my time to write!
So sorry for the late update ><
Hijikata-kun and childhood friend.
Heart squeezing cute quote! Enjoy...!
The reason for chasing after you
"-and then suddenly Kondou-san started screaming!"
"Lol~ oh my god, that's just too funny!"
The time is after school time, where the classroom has quietened down with the absence of students.
Sougo and I sit on the window sill filling in our class diary as we chat about random things.
And Sougo's stories are just too hilarious.
Since he and I are childhood friends, he brings up old memories too and he just comes up with something so funny one after the other.
When I think about it now, we had used to do so many stupid things...
"Hey, look! You haven't gone anywhere with filling
:iconhirahirari:Hirahirari 17 1



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My very First piece vs my Latest
This is a screenshot of my Latest piece (left) and my very First Digital piece (right).

(Please excuse the terrible quality as it is a screen shot and I am still working on the left one ^_^)
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